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Slow down to the flow of nature and remember who you are.

Retreats at Kindred Forest offer a refuge from the demands of modern life so you can restore connection to yourself, others, and nature. Located in the Ozarks, just over an hour from St. Louis, MO.

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We are more disconnected than ever.  

Most of us long for a life that feels more connected to what and who matters most to us. But our modern world is noisy—literally and figuratively—and it can feel nearly impossible to get still enough to tap into our inner knowing. 

Stepping away on a retreat is the first step to reclaiming presence.

Our being—our bodies, heart, mind, and spirit—needs opportunities to reflect and reset. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to simply go through the motions instead of truly living.


We're here to help you come home to yourself.


Overnight Accommodations

Stay in a beautiful space intentionally designed to calm your nervous system and foster deep rest. Whether you're looking for a solo retreat or a space to host your group of up to 20, we have what you need.

Restorative Activities

Take a morning stroll on several miles of our nature trails. Settle into a hammock with a nourishing book from our library. Drop into a guided meditation as you overlook the forest. Finish the day stargazing around the firepit.


Guided Nature Experiences

Experience the healing benefits of nature through a guided Forest Bathing experience. Explore the world of birds on a Mindful Birding excursion. Discover the flora and fauna of the Ozarks through Nature Journaling.

Spending time at Kindred Forest is like a big exhale.

By removing yourself from the demands of everyday life and immersing yourself in nature you can:

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Experience true rest.

Restore a sense of health and balance. 

Feel connected to yourself, others and nature.

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Return home with a reference point for how you want to live your life.


Looking for a place to host your group retreat?

Host your wellness getaway, yoga retreat, team offsite or other event in a serene and nature-centered gathering space. We offer overnight indoor accommodations for up to 15 guests with additional capacity for camping.



"There is deep sense of serenity as you enter the land. It felt like a blanket of calm and peace, and a loving invitation to be in balance, beauty and harmony. Much care and attention has gone into cultivating a warm, versatile space, connection to the earth, and contemplation of our relationship in nature. Our stay was enriching and restorative, and the forest bathing experience was sublime." 


Atia / Professor at Washington University

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We moved from St. Louis to the Ozark highlands in 2020 with the desire to live with a deeper sense of place and kinship with nature. We longed for a simpler and more grounded lifestyle than the ones we had known. We opened Kindred Forest in 2023 to share the connection, awe and serenity that this land and space has offered to us.

About Jo

Retreat Facilitator | Forest Bathing Guide

Jo is a certified Forest Therapy Guide, certified mindfulness teacher and the primary ecological restoration steward at Kindred Forest. He is also a forest bathing guide at the Shaw Nature Reserve. Jo is the founder of Culture Wise, where he works with mission-driven organizations on strategic planning and cultivating healthier and more productive workplaces.

About Andrea

Retreat Coordinator | Space Curator

As a Certified Yoga Teacher and professional interior designer, Andrea curates an environment at Kindred Forest that intentionally settles the nervous system and supports restoration. 

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  • How many people can Kindred Forest accommodate overnight?
    We currently have 14 beds total and the space for 6 campers, leading to a total of 20 potential guests overnight. Our Gathering Room in the Main Retreat Space can accommodate 15 people doing yoga or lying down, and 25 people sitting.
  • Are there modern amenities and WiFi?
    Yes, most of the comforts of modern life are accessible to you, including WiFi. We also provide options for you to digitally detox during your retreat if that is your intention.
  • Can I rent Kindred Forest for the day?
    Yes you can! Our location is close enough to St. Louis and Rolla to enjoy a getaway just for the day. See our Booking page for prices and booking.
  • Does Kindred Forest offer scholarships for those who need it?
    Yes. We strive to provide scholarships for individuals and also groups that serve individuals without the means to pay our standard rates. Proceed to the Booking page and you will be guided to a scholarship request form depending on the retreat you are booking.

A Helpful Nudge Toward Your Next Retreat

We know there are many forces that make it hard to book a retreat away, so as a helpful nudge we'd like to give you 15% off the cost of your first stay. 

Check your email for your gift!

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